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Everything worth doing starts with being scared.
Art Garfunkel

About Westwind - Our Philosophy

Westwind is unique and unlike any other counselling facility. Treatment at Westwind strives to be collaborative, individualized and supportive. This philosophy is incorporated into our treatment across all our services including Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Centre, the Online Treatment Programs, and our Counselling and Dietitian Services.

Treatment is collaborative
Our approach is collaborative rather than imposed. Treatment plans are highly individualized and are developed collaboratively with each client. Our goal is to help you identify your values, and challenge and encourage you to shed the problematic thoughts and behaviors that are interfering in living your life with fullness and freedom.

Treatment is individualized
Everyone enters treatment at a different stage of readiness for change. Our treatment team will work with you towards your defined goals. Length of time in treatment is flexible and determined together based on your individual progress. Treatment will focus on your specific needs, and address the core factors that are working to maintain the problem.

Treatment is supportive
Westwind offers high quality programs with professionally trained staff. Therapy is evidence based, in order to support you with the best possible treatment. Our comfortable environment is supportive and responsive to your individual rate of recovery.