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Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.
Mark Twain
Westwind is collaborative, individualized and supportive.

About Westwind

Westwind is unique and unlike any other counselling facility. We specialize in the well-being of women and girls by offering services for eating disorders, body image, self esteem, anxiety, and depression.

Our services include Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Centre, Online Treatment Programs, Counselling and Dietitian Services available both in person and online, and community Groups and Workshops.

Women throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, Britain and Ireland have found hope and healing with Westwind. Westwind services are available to clients from all over the world.

Treatment strives to be collaborative, individualized and supportive. Westwind staff are trained to deliver evidence based therapy, in order to offer the best possible treatment. Treatment addresses physical, mental and emotional healing, in order to address all aspects of the problem. Our aim is help you gain control and a sense of empowerment, so you can have confidence maintaining healthy changes outside of treatment.

Westwind staff is committed to promoting healthy eating, body acceptance, self esteem and overall emotional wellness to women and girls around the world!